On Tuesday, 15 December 2020, at 1.30 pm., Prof.Dr. Sombat Thamrongthanyawong (the President of Walailak University) signs a contract to prepare the student to work with the nutritionist position at Walailak University Medical Center Hospital. The MOU is the connection between the School of Agricultural Technology and Food Industry with the hospital. Moreover, Assoc.Prof.Dr. Narumon Matan (Act on behalf of Dean of School of Agricultural Technology and Food Industry) and Dr. Likit Matrakul (Director of Walailak University Hospital) inscribed their name on this convention Moklan Meeting room, Administrative building, Walailak University too. The purpose of the agreement is to prepare both students Ms.Bunsita Srichai and Ms.Pinlada Rungmuang. They get “The Nutritionist of Walailak University Hospital Scholarship in 2020” to be ready upon graduation. However, the hospital will be accepting both of them to work in the position of nutritionist after graduated.

The students have to learn about nutrients and relevant fields with expert lecturers, that they are also an academic advisor committee for students after graduating. Thus, according to the Ministry of Higher Education, Science, Research and Innovation, the purpose is to provide education quality, especially conducting research, projects, training, and career activity. For this reason, both department the hospital and the faculty agree to cooperate in various fields to achieve the memorandum’s objectives as follows.

  1. The School of Agricultural Technology and Food Industry manage academic programs to develop graduates and prepare students to become qualified nutritionists.
  2. The Walailak University Hospital will define project quality working include practical training on the courses that the School of Agricultural Technology and Food Industry is included in the curriculum and involve nutritionist graduates. It will notify students and mentors who supervise them to prepare students during their practice, project, research, and academic.
  3. The Walailak University Hospital supplies necessary resources to handle a career with the most efficiency and ability. Hence, the hospital will organize an activity to promote a career’s ability to be a nutritionist for the students approaching graduation. In a field trip, project, evaluate internship, assign a cooperative education, and collaborate on research with instructor. On the whole, the deal will be running for four years long.
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