STSP Innovation Fair 2022
STSP Innovation Fair 2022

Associate Professor Dr. Warin Inthana Lecturer of Agriculture and Innovation Program and Head of Agro-Biological Production Center, Walailak University, grab the prize “Outstanding Inventor Award that creates the highest total economic value Southern Science Park Network Level” organized by the Southern Science Park, Prince of Songkla University, between 26-27 February 2022. It is an award given to a researcher who has created an outstanding invention or innovation that can be passed on to public or private institutions. The work that has been awarded come from the innovation of “Tricoder Mafive Plus. (International Standards of Bioproducts)” Effective agricultural innovations help to control plant diseases and pests. In addition, reduce production costs and safe chemicals which will lead to higher economic value up to 4,506,033.10 THB.

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