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Assoc. Prof. Dr. Worawan Panpipat: Researching more than academic subjects

Associate Professor Dr. Worawan Panpipat, Lecturer in Food Science and Innovation School of Agricultural Technology Walailak University With over 15 research projects as well as 12 collaborators and research articles and over 100 articles and texts Causing the crystallization of the idea that “Doing research more than academic matters”.

Associate Professor Dr. Worawan graduated with a bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree in food technology. Sunaree University of Technology Focused on protein research in food and in 2005 worked as a lecturer in food technology School of Agricultural Technology Walailak University for 5 years before receiving an academic position as an assistant professor. Then in 2010 which is a change of expertise from conducting research at the master’s level and research work done during the work at Walailak University Because he saw that The southern area where the university is located has a lot of oil and fat ingredients. In addition, Thailand has a small number of researchers working on food fat. Therefore should be a good opportunity to bring knowledge back to develop the country.

During the PhD study Associate Professor Dr. Worawan received the opportunity to train in nanotechnology. (Nanotechnology) from experts in this field for 3 months, therefore applying the knowledge that has been applied in advanced research Resulting in the ability to produce quality research Resulting in the Honored Student Awards 2013 from the American Oil Chemists ’Society (AOCS).

Upon graduation at the doctoral level in 2013, Associate Professor Dr. Worawan returned to work at Walailak University. With a commitment to research and teaching fat and protein in food Which is the integration of knowledge from research at both the master’s and doctoral levels together
It also focuses on developing researchers in fat and protein in food. Therefore, there are more than 20 graduate students, including the master thesis advisor and a thesis advisor, as well as a co-founder of the health food research unit Which was later upgraded to the Center for Food Technology and Innovation Excellence in 2017.
Associate Professor Dr. Worawan received funding for research from external sources, both as a principal researcher and over 30 research partners, many of whom worked closely with the private sector. To focus on the use of research results to be useful And also bringing knowledge to academic services to food operators in Nakhon Si Thammarat and the southern regions such as Chochasing Food Company Limited
Sam Din soil group Community Enterprise Group, Pho Sadet Herbal Drink And house farming groups, etc., as well as being a qualified director, evaluating research projects and research articles To publish in many national and international academic journals.
From research results that have benefited in terms of academic performance and advanced academic positions Associate Professor Dr. Worawan also learned many things from research work.
1st, learn the event planning Starting from looking for research funding sources Writing project proposals to meet the needs of funding sources And project planning after receiving research grants By Associate Professor Dr. Worawan, for example, looking for funding sources before completing a doctoral degree By choosing to propose a scholarship to develop the potential of new teachers Of the Thailand Research Fund (TRF) is the first capital Because the TRF is a large source of national research funding Importantly, getting a scholarship to develop the potential of new generation teachers And have good research results Will result in a higher capital gain from the TRF, such as the Kanchana Phisek Ph.D. project.

So after one week of the thesis examination, the thesis has returned to report To continue working at Walailak University And to keep up with the deadline for funding While abroad, thinking about topics and searching for information for writing project proposals in advance Therefore spent the shortest time writing project proposals in life Finally receiving the allocation of such funds Resulting in passing the evaluation of the Class 21 capital property as planned.

Second, learn to manage systematically Dr. Worawan said that research has to be responsible for funding sources. Therefore need to have good management Since managing people (Research Assistant) Research Project Management And capital management In order to accomplish the research goals
Especially if having to do a lot of research and teach both undergraduate and graduate students, so doing good research requires good management to be involved.

Third, learn about patience. This is what Associate Professor Dr. Worawan does not think that he will learn from research. By which the teacher told him that While pregnant, the second child has done research on “The development of semi-finished health drinks products from rice, eggs, eggs: native rice Nakhon Si Thammarat Province ” which has monitored the progress of every 2, 6 and 12 months, so it is necessary to report and analyze results at all times After giving birth for one week, it is necessary to present an oral report of progress. It is a research that requires patience and effort.

However, the result of the dedication of this research project As a result, the research results have been selected by the National Research Office (NRCT) to provide products from rice, eggs, ants, gnats. “Sam Din Rice” is one of six works that have been honored to participate in the exhibition of research results. And organize this innovative product as a souvenir at the National Research and Innovation Policy Council meeting
1/2017 at Santimaitri Building The Government House, with General Prayut Chan-ocha, Prime Minister as the Chairman of the National Research and Innovation Policy Council, presided over and exhibited at the Thailand Research Expo 2017 (Thailand Research Expo 2017) and participated in the discussion on “Increasing the value of native rice” at the stage of the highlight stage.
Recent research on this subject Have also been selected as outstanding research results in research funding aimed at industrial technology groups for small and medium-sized community enterprises Which has been invited to exhibit at the academic conference “Strategic Plan for Research Funding and Utilization of Research for Developing Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) Entire System” on 26 July 2018 at Pullman Bangkok King Power.
Fourth, learn more all the time Since the beginning of the proposal for research funding support Need to search for various information To be used as a reference Supporting the concept and planning of research To the results of research that has gained new knowledge Makes education and knowledge more constantly.

5th, learn creative thinking Associate Professor Dr. Worawan recalled that requesting funding for research, especially from external sources, needed to present interesting and new stories. And is a matter that we specialize in But the most important is Topics must be creative. Which is the source of the award for writing an innovative project proposal “very good level” and innovative work “Silver level” from the story “Hand sanitizer to eliminate fishy smell and seafood” in the Food and Health Products category from the Higher Education Innovation Contest, 2018, at the National Research Expo 2018 organized by the Office of the Research Committee. National (NRCT) during 9-12 August 2018 at Centara Grand Hotel and Bangkok Convention Center Central World, Bangkok, received the award from Dr. Kobsak Phutrakul, Minister of the Prime Minister’s Office.

The last one is to create cooperation in both academic and private sectors. Research work makes Associate Professor Dr. Worawan has the opportunity to meet with various people. Both in academic circles, the public sector and the private sector, which led to the creation of research cooperation And collaborative research projects.

“Doing research causes endless learning. And basic research is very important for bringing research results to utilization And lead the country to sustainable development In addition to self-development and students, “said Associate Professor Dr. Worawan Panpipat at the end.

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