The development of animal feed in the mixed fermented formulas to increase the potential of ruminant production by Dr. Chantira Wongnen and others.

The School of Agricultural Technology commences 28 years of the accomplishment. The Agriculture and Innovation Program is proud to present the remarkable research of Dr. Chantira Wongnen, an instructor with potentials at The School of Agricultural Technology in Animal Science. The animal feed research was developed as mixed fermented formulas that can increase the potentials of ruminant production such as cows, buffaloes, goats, sheep, and deer. It was developed by mixing condensed and roughage foods in an appropriate proportion before feeding. The Result shows a balance of animal ecology in the fermented stomach and the fermentation efficiency digestion higher than normal in the ruminant stomach. Besides, mixed fermented food recipes could be preserved for a long time with a good smell. So, it can stimulate the eating ability and increase the growth of the animal and higher yields of milk in cows also.
By Dr. Chantira Wongnen and others