The project to establish the network of soil and plant analysis laboratories of Assoc.Prof.Dr. Somsak Maneepong and others at Walailak University

The School of Agricultural Technology gets close to 28 years of the Glory. There is a network system upon the social cooperation of farmers and the qualified instructor of the Agricultural and Innovation Curriculum, Associate Professor Dr. Somsak Maneepong and others at Walailak University. It was formed as a collaboration between 24 laboratories in our country undertaken by the soil and plant analysis laboratory that was created to be the network standards for farmers. The result shows the exchange of experience and operation useful in analyzing soil and plants in the same way.
For accurate application of the results in the fields, the farmers and the project must create a standard soil and soil sample which has been adjusted 250 kilograms of foreign samples.
The standard soil was distributed to the laboratories to save costs rather than importing from foreign countries. In this way, the laboratories could be calibrated.
Source: Research Community No.: 69 Page: 65

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