27th Quality-Pride forward to the Next Generation-23 November 2019


On the 23 November 2019, the celebration of “27 Years of Quality and Pride Forward to Next Generation” was organized by the School of Agricultural Technology, Walailak University. There were exhibitions on the educational activities, research, as part of celebration of the 27th Anniversary at Room 5301, Lecture Building 5.

Professor Dr. Sombat Thamrongthanyawong, the President of Walailak University-Acting Dean of School of Agricultural Technology, gave a speech on “The success of the School of Agricultural Technology within 27 years”. The content was based on the information that the School of Agricultural Technology has 2 programs (Agriculture and Innovation, and Food Science and Innovation). The management of teaching and learning is focused on practical work under the supervision of new generation teachers, who have graduated 100% Ph.D level. However, we also prepare in many ways to support learners. In particular, the Smart Farm Center (area 3,000 rai or 4,800,000 square meters) has planted tropical fruit crops, rubber plant, oil palm, and fish production. Moreover, the university also collaborates with the Charoen Pokphand Foods Public Company Limited (CPF) to organize a demonstration farm (fattening pigs and layer hen closed systems -green farm). Besides, there is a research center of excellence for shrimp, equipped with modern laboratories and tools of international standards. This is the place for students to practice and get lots of experiences. We are ready to prepare students to be a new generation of knowledge graduates who are ready to work with establishments upon graduation.

For the past 27 years, the School of Agricultural Technology is determined to create new knowledge for producing graduates to be both producers and agricultural product developers. The development of creating value by using modern technology is also of great importance to meet the needs of agriculture in the future labor market and serves as a good source of income. I hope the School of Agricultural Technology will be another option for students. Whatever you choose to study, decide to study in a field that is of interest to you, and you will be successful,” said Professor Dr. Sombat.

In the event of “27 years of Quality and Pride Forward to the Next Generation”, the discussion topic “Career path and success of learning in agriculture and food science at Walailak University” was discussed. The lecture topics about learning in Food Science and Innovation courses, and Agriculture and Innovation programs were explained, especially about supporting factors and scholarships.

In detail, there are 20 scholarships of the School of Agricultural Technology, which are divided into 2; 10 for Food Science and Innovation courses and 10 for Agriculture and Innovation programs. These exclude exhibitions and awards that are available for students who had made a reputation for the institute.

Besides, the participants also get the experience of Smart Classrooms, active learning, teaching equipment with modern technology, and facilities. They were able to visit the operating plots in the Smart Farm Center, modern laboratories, including visiting various areas of Walailak University as well.