The Laureate excellent lecturer “Great Teacher Prize 2011” Asst.Prof.Dr. Sataporn Direkbusarakom-Fisheries Science of Walailak University

In the 28th years anniversary of the School of Agricultural Technology, the Agriculture and Innovation Program at Walailak University is proud of Asst.Prof.Dr. Sataporn Direkbusarakom, a lecturer in Fisheries Science who received the “Great Teacher Prize 2011”.
It is well known that we always take care of members with love, warmth, and attentiveness. So, we always get feedback about strong acceptance from the students. We teach them to be the people who are smart and good for our society.
Asst.Prof.Dr. Sataporn Direkbusarakom is dedicated to teaching according to this approach, which the disciples will be able to recognize and apply knowledge for success in their life, especially those who study in this subject. We are full of self-esteem with the instructor and all of the qualified students.
Hurry up! Come to join us – The School of Agricultural Technology at Walailak University. “The Knowledge House with Good Deeds”

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