Congratulations! Fresh Students in The School of Agricultural and Innovation Program receive “Graduate Development Scholarships 21st Century”.

Agriculture and Innovation Program of the School of Agricultural Technology produced high-quality graduates for the 21st century. On this occasion, we congratulate the students from several schools who got tuition fee waiver from “the Graduate Development Funds 21st Century”.
Presently, the agricultural profession is regarded as a good choice for stable career in the future. It is the way of the new generation that intends to apply innovation with agriculture in Thailand. The graduates are agricultural entrepreneurs who can produce agriculture products. Therefore, everybody who studies the program is a new generation that plans prospect with a stable and sustainable occupation.
“Join today! Create bright future career for yourself and family with The Agriculture and Innovation Program” at The School of Agricultural Technology, Walailak University, 28th Year of Glory.
Interested in The Agricultural and Innovation Program,
Please Feel Free to Contact Us at Phone: 096-1642641 to become a new generation for developing agricultural innovations together.

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