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History of School

The School of Agricultural Technology was established by the Walailak University Act 1992 and running the new curriculum in 1997, welcoming students into the program in the academic year 1998. The four year program introduced the following five courses:
1) Technology of Crop Production
2) Technology of Animal Production
3) Technology Aquaculture Production
4) Food technology
5) Biotechnology
The curriculum was updated in 2002 and revised again in 2006 in line with the National Education Act BE2542, ensuring the school produces the highest quality graduates with characteristics and performance that meet the needs of society. There are two new curriculums, the Agricultural Technology Program which covers two main areas of study: Department of Animal Production Technology Department of Aquaculture Technology. are 2 fields of study: Food Technology and Biotechnology. The Agricultural Technology Program is continually being updated to guarantee compliance with the National Higher Education Standards Framework 2009; the curriculum was again updated in 2012. Two courses are studied in conjunction with Kasetsart University in northern Thailand: Animal Science and Fishing majors. Walailak also offer majors in Food Technology and Biotechnology. The School of Graduate Studies teaches at both the Master’s degree and the Doctoral level, using the new curriculum of the 2000 Agricultural Science Program. The programme consists of four branches: Plant Science, Animal Science, Fisheries and Food Science. The School of Agricultural Technology has updated its new graduate program to ensure the content of the curriculum is in line with the policy of the university and the changes from credits to units.

The School of Agricultural Technology recognises the importance of producing graduates who have a high level of knowledge and expertise. The curriculum is continually reviewed and updated in response to the needs of the labour market and society. Great emphasis is placed on producing high quality graduates. The revised 2008 graduate program has been in use since the 2008 academic year. In 2011, the School of Agricultural Technology the curriculum was updated at the bachelor level, the undergraduate level consists of two curriculums: Bachelor of Science Program (Kasetsart University (Revised 2012)) with majors in Plant Science, Animal Science and Fishing.

The Bachelor of Science Program, Agro-Industry offer majors in Food Technology and Biotechnology, starting from the academic year 2012 to the present. The graduate program consists of two master’s degree programs: Master of Science and Agricultural Science (updated 2012) with majors in Animal Science and Fisheries Science. The Master of Science Program, Agricultural Sector (Revised 2012) offer two majors, majoring in food science and technology and major in biotechnology. The two doctoral programs offered are Doctor of Philosophy Program and Agricultural Science (Revised 2012), the three majors offered are: Plant Science, Animal Science and Fisheries Science. The Doctor of Philosophy Program in Agricultural Industry offers majors in Food Science and Technology and Biotechnology. The current graduate program began in the academic year 2012 to the present.

For more information, please contact 0-7567-2301 or visit their website at https://act.wu.ac.th

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