Massage from the Dean

รศ.ดร. วรวรรณ พันพิพัฒน์

We are entering a new era in which agricultural and agro-industries are still the two main academic areas. Currently, there are two majors within our school, Food Science and Innovation and Agricultural Science and Innovation. Our school are going to 29th under with pound. We have produced more than 1,000 students in the past. Which will increase to 1200 next year and aim to produce good quality students. Indeed, our students go one to get good jobs, some in senior management, own their own factories or are employed in high positions with the Thai government We now have a smart farm (2,000 rai), smart animal product farm and smart plant production farm. In addition, we have our own farm shop for students to study and work in. We are now going to the big house for our new big year.

Our school is well established as a center of excellence for production, animals, fisheries, and plants. We have Food Technology and Innovation Center of Excellence, Research Center of Excellence for Shrimp, Center of Excellence in Innovation on Essential oil, Centre of Excellence on Thai’s Cannabis for Medical Used and Agricultural Microbial Production and Service Center. Also we will announce a new centre, Agritech and Innovation Center (AIC) for innovation in agricultural technology supported by the Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives, Thai government. We have a policy to support farmer communities throughout the region, helping them to improve their products and produce good quality products. Together, we will produce new quality products and improve technology for new smart farmer projects.

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                                                                                  Associate Prof. Dr.Worawan Panpipat
                                                                                   Acting Dean of School of Agricultural                                                                                                Technology  and Food Industry